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Househunter is the author of mentalhealthmissionary.com, and enlighteneddesign.net - the author, Elaine Malinowski's sites, and offers Househunter.Homes as a resource for independent low income buyers and renters to benefit from her home-buying and affordable rental research after being homeless briefly in 2022.

For a Real Estate Agent that specializes in affordable homes, please email jmalinowska555@gmail.com

Serves Brevard County, Orange County, Lake County, and surrounding areas.

Other useful sites, are affordable e-commerce website offering at enlighteneddesign.net, and resource heavy wisdom at mentalhealthmissionary.com. There is a $100 dollar referral bonus paid to anyone who refers an e-commerce site that is paid on the website. Just forward me the name of the buyer you referred to elainedanuta@outlook.com