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The homeless Househunter is the author of the resource for the mentally ill called the mentalhealthmissionary.com
designbyenlightenment.com and enlighteneddesign.com - the author, Elaine's, sites, and offers Househunter.Homes as a resource for independent low income buyers and renters to benefit from her home-buying and affordable rental research after being homeless in 2022 and in her 20's. Home buying resources for this site are located at mentalhealthmissionary.com and their examples include everything from credit repair from mortgage companies to how to buy forclosure liens. She is currently working on an article about how to recover from ID theft.

Serves Brevard County, Orange County, Seminole, & Lake County, and surrounding areas.

There is a $100 dollar referral bonus paid to anyone who refers an website buyer that is pays on the designbyenlightenment.com website, or to me personally. Just forward me the name of the buyer you referred to elainedanuta@outlook.com and your commission will be taken out of what they payed and payed to you.Househunter.Homes